Additional Services
Additional Services

An electrocardiogram is a medical test that detects cardiac abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts. We carry out ECG/X-RAY test at home that gives us an instant understanding of the patient’s condition without delay in transportation. A doctor may recommend an ECG for people who may be at risk of heart disease or an X-ray in case of an accident. The data of ECG or X-RAY can be interpreted by your family doctor or our medical practitioner, as per request.

Our endeavor is to arrange for speedy delivery of prescribed medication and necessary medical supplies at your home from our certified pharmacist. We strive to make things easy for our customers with online pharmacy refills, local delivery, and personalized services to meet a wide range of needs. We are highly committed to providing the simplest, fastest service so our customer can stay safe and healthy- without the stress or inconvenience of regular pharmacy visits.

We provide home visit services to the patients who do not want to or are unable to visit pathology collection center for their tests and checkups. Our certified pathologist will visit your home and collect the samples as needed for tests at your convenience within the comfort of your home. We take good care of hygiene when the sample is collected and examined. We maintain full confidentiality for our patients’ personal data and do not share it with anyone without prior consent, your personal data is safe and secure with us.

We at Medibull are determined to provide 24*7 diligence for all kinds of emergency situations. An ambulance service at your doorstep at the hour of your need. Best quality specialized ICU ambulances are ready to serve you round the clock. Our experienced drivers make sure to cover the distance between home & hospital through the shortest routes to eliminate delay in treatment.

Our air ambulance is utilized to transport critically injured or sick patients efficiently, comfortably and quickly over long distances or out of remote areas. We understand time is of the essence and without wasting any we rush-in to transport patient between cities so they can avail the best of medical facilities without enduring struggles of long road journeys in an unwell condition.

With our home yoga facility we offer you a qualified yoga trainer at your home. Our yoga trainer will help you work on all your problem areas (mind, body and emotions). After all health is a fragment of our total well-being, yoga helps one to balance mind, body and emotions naturally without any side effects and in turn helps boost our immunity and enjoy a healthy life.