Future Of Home Healthcare in India
Future Of Home Healthcare in India
   26 August 2020    Medibull

Clinical mobility is transforming care at healthcare facilities around the world and is having a profound impact on nurses, doctors and patients. Medibull commissioned three research studies in the field to better understand the role of homecare on a routine basis. The studies focused on nurse/caregiver management, critical equipment necessary for speedy post- surgery or ailment recovery, their buying/renting choices & geriatric care.

The Future of Healthcare seems more diverse than concentrated, spreading across multiple avenues of domiciliary care it is now being re-designed to enhance convenience & improve accessibility of medical facilities within the comfort of our homes.

Adding fuel to the fire is Medibull’s dedicated focus on making itself one of the pioneer healthcare service providers of the country.

How does the future look? 
In a population of 1.36 billion the country has already seen 2.65 million cases of novel corona virus.

According to Economic Times “With the growing elderly population and concerns around quality of institutionalized care, family caregivers are demanding worthwhile solutions to provide care for their loved ones.”

Despite being in its nascent stages, the growth trajectory of the home healthcare sector in India has been very strong. Affordability, personalized care, and rise in nuclear family structures are the primary reasons for this upward trend. Especially considering the current scenario of a dangerous pandemic, small scale to large scale medical structures have been rendered inadequate to meet the basic to critical needs of the general public leading to an emotional outburst under critical circumstances. Being more aware of market services at their disposal, people are not willing to settle for traditional and unorganized sector options. Thus, India’s growth in the home healthcare sector is on the rise, and it becomes critical to understand the country’s stance in the global market as well. This would help identify further opportunities while simultaneously managing key challenges. Having said that, Medibull intends to expand its roots within the national boundaries in the current scenario, where the urgency stares at you on a daily basis. 




  • Home nursing care helps keep patients protected from the infections that they are exposed to in hospitals. Post-surgery and critical care may leave patients more sensitive to the risk of relapse and infection. An in-home nursing care can help the patient heal better and faster due to reduced exposure to infections.
  • In-home nursing care helps provide the patient with professional medical care in their own familiar surroundings. Being in a warm and loving environment of your home helps the mind relax and helps relieve stress. A healthy mindset and familiar surroundings are proven to help patients heal better and healthier.
  • Services are unique to each patient and are designed keeping the patient’s needs in mind. This leaves the patient much more comfortable as all his needs are catered to. Personalised care helps the patient recover better as they provide one-on-one care which lives up to medical standards as well.
  • Some people may have difficulty in performing basic tasks for themselves, such as bathing, grooming, cooking, and cleaning. An in-home caregiver is trained to support the patients in ADLs (Activities of daily living). This helps patients maintain their respect and dignity and lead a healthy, quality life. The in-home nurses provide assistance in all activities of the patient.


  • Medical devices allow healthcare personnel to accurately monitor patient health, and help doctors perform various functions from the emergency room to the operating table.
  • There are many factors that go into ensuring the safety and comfort of your patients. One of the most important aspect however, is ensuring the availability of correct equipment by their side.
  • Medical devices can range from simple items to more complex devices, such as ventilators or imaging tools. They represent some of the most innovative technologies developed in recent years. 
  • We understand that given the current state of the economy financial decisions have become more crucial than ever. The choice to lease or buy equipment ultimately depends on what you can afford which is why we are constantly trying to fit into multiple price brackets that don’t burn a hole in your pockets.


  • Buying medical supplies online allows you to view numerous products in a single go and choose from and in any quantity. You can educate yourself about different medical equipment and features offered by the company.
  • Purchase of medical equipment must be done with extreme care and after good research. There are various platforms through which one can buy medical equipment. Out of all the options available, the choice to buy medical equipment online is becoming increasingly popular.
  • They come with three big advantages, which are: ? Convenience ? Easy Comparison ? Discounts & Exclusive Offers. Medical supplies are necessities and when we order them online they are delivered right at our door at offer prices.